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Two questions here:
1 - How can I get my holdings BVD Status Changed? We have carried out individual Tissue Tag Testing, have got all the results back showing negative, but we are showing as a Category 3, Status Unknown. I believe, having read the guidance, that we should be a Category 1 status. I've tried contacting both ScotEID and the Lab both say I need to contact the other. How can I get our Status Changed?

2 - I wish to purchase animals in the next couple of months. How can I check the status of other holdings that I may poteniallly purchase from. I can only seem to find a search area for entering in the CPH No or the animal ID No but I don't know either their CPH No or the animal ID No (given that I haven't actually purchased them yet). I would be able to get that information once I've purchased them, but by that time I may have inadvertantly purchased animals from a BVD Not-Negative Holding. The guidance alludes to a table, with search function etc, but I'm can't for the life of me work out how to access this table as none of the icons for search, update, sort or info seem to be active. What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks


Holding versus animal category

Hi Christine,

1. There may be some confusion between animal and holding status. Category 1 holding status is reserved exclusively for holdings which have been accredited as BVD-free through a CHeCS cattle health scheme. This is because of the greater levels of bio-security required by these schemes. Category 1 animal status is given to individual animals which have tested negative for BVD virus or have come directly from a health scheme accredited BVD free holding. Even if every animal on your holding is category 1 the holding could still only be considered a category 2 'BVD negative' holding. However, individually tested animals can be sold as category 1 and they maintain their status forevermore no matter which holding they are on.

If all of your calf crop has been tested, and the laboratory is aware of this, then it appears as if you should have been reported as a category 2. Under the BVD legislation your laboratory has a duty of care to ensure that your status is reported correctly on the database and is at risk of losing it's approved status if it does not. The testing laboratory must contact ScotEID directly to resolve any anomalies.

2. Unfortunately, allowing a search of name or address without express written consent is a legal minefield. However, the marts are in the process of integrating BVD declarations into their cattle sales and for private sales you should ask to see the seller's lab results. Also the Premium Cattle Health Scheme (PCHS) and Hi-Health provide an online lookup of their members who have consented to be listed.

Hope that helps (sorry for the delayed response).


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Hi Jon

Thanks for your response. Re question 1, thanks for clearing that up. I've spoken to our vet who is going to get it sorted for me. Yes Data Protection is a pain isn't it. I agree that if markets are declaring the status of herds, this will make it a lot simpler. Unfortunately neither of our local markets are doing this yet but hopefully this will be addressed shortly.
Thanks again