English Slaughterhouse- CCP??

We sell cast ewes to an English slaughterhouse (Pak Mecca).
This year we will have electronically tagged ewes going off.

Do Pak Mecca upload to Scoteid, or should we contact them for a record of electronically read tags.
We have a shearwell reader, so perhaps it is as easy to just record it ourselves.


Pak Mecca do not upload to

Pak Mecca do not upload to ScotEID.

To record animals on your behalf the slaughterhouse should be approved by DEFRA as a central point recording centre (CPRC). Pak Mecca don't appear to be on the current list of approved CPRCs therefore you will need to record these animals yourself if they were born after the start of 2010.

However if your cast ewes were born before 2010 then you are not required to record the individual numbers.
From the official guidance:
"For historic animals (born or identified before 31 December 2009) you never have to record individual identification numbers in the holding register (except for moves to shows)."

Hope that helps.